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Under 150 pounds:

 rates are automatically calculated.  Select USPS Standard Post for lower economy rates by the USPS with typical delivery in 4 to 8 weeks or USPS Priority Mail for a faster delivery.  Keep each order under 170 pounds or ship prices will not display.

$5.00 flat rate shipping to US Freight Forwarders on orders over $75.00 see:  
Alaska Forwarders: Span-Alaska and Pacific Alaska Freightways and Odyssey    Air: Alaska Air Cargo
Hawaii Forwarders: Universal Transportation, Hawaiian Ocean Transport, and Cal Hondo

Over 2,000 pounds:

LTL truck by Ups Freight ( 70% off on ground portion ) About 10 day service to Alaska and Hawaii.  Select "Free quote" on the Address page and write in the order comments "Please advise LTL Ups Freight shipping cost for approval".

Approximately 1,000 pounds (one pallet) is a square meter (40 inches x 40 inches x 40 inches).


Heat sensitive items may melt on overseas shipments (Hawaii).  Many customers are receiving heat sensitive items without melting when shipped USPS Priority Mail. All heat sensitives to Hawaii must pass 5 quality assurance steps before shipment to make sure they make it to Hawaii without melting. However the melting of the product in Hawaii is impossible to control    Best to have the parcels shipped to a PO Box in an air conditioned post office.  Guarantees can not be made for melted products to Hawaii.