RePinanWhite, Valentine
BULK Chocolate and Kisses
    Chocolate and Yogurt Medley         Chocolate Pretzel Balls and Yogurt Malt Balls      Chocolate Berry High Antioxidant Mix Red Pink and Silver KISSES Valentine
 Yogurt Medley    Pretzel, Malt Balls   Chocolate Berry    Valentine 
    Silver KISSES Milk Chocolate   Purple KISSES Dark Chocolates         Assorted Flavored KISSES        
   KISSES         Dark Chocolates     KISSES Assorted     
HERSHEYS Chocolate Mix       Mini Chocolate Candy Bar Mix      Assorted LINDOR Chocolate Truffles      Red LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles
Hershey's® Mix   Chocolate Mini   Lindor® Truffles  Milk Chocolate 
                      Gourmet Assorted Chocolates            
Bulk Valentine Candy Hearts
  Red Cinnamon Imperials    Red JuJu Candy Cinnamon Bears        Red Cherry Sours   
    Imperials      Cinnamon Bears     Cherry Sours   
  Lite Cocoa Melting Wafers    White Melting Wafers    Red Melting Wafers  Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers
 Melting Wafers   White Melting    Red Wafers      Dark Cocoa 
          Goetz Strawberry Caramel Creams              Decorating White Candy Sprinkles
   Strawberry Creams   WhiteSprinkles 
Valentine  GIFTS  in Gift Tins
              Chocolate and Yogurt Pretzels Gift Tin
            Chocolate and Yogurt Pretzels
       Chocolate Pecan Turtle Gift Tins               Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles in Gift Tin       
 Chocolate Pecans    Chocolate Truffles  
    Chocolate Pretzel & Yogurt Malt Balls Gift Tin     Chocolate and Yogurt Medley Gift Tin  
        Pretzel Malt Balls  Yogurt Medley 
     Chocolate Toffee Almondolas in Gift Tin      Assorted Chocolates in Gift Tin
Chocolate Almonds   Chocolates
              Dried Fruit Pack Gift Tin           Pistachios in Gift Tin
  Dried Fruit Pack Gift Tin   Pistachio Gift