Organic Unsulfured Apricots   Sesame Oat Bran Sticks     M & M's Milk Chocolate Candies   Chocolate Mini Mints with Cream Mint Center
       Apricots      Oat Bran Snacks       M&M's      Chocolate Mints
   Old Fashioned Peppermint Candy Sticks  White Melting Wafers  Lite Milk Melting Wafers  KISSES Green and Gold
     Peppermint     Melting Wafers  Cocoa Melting   Green Gold
           Assorted Old Fashioned Candy Sticks                  Spree Chewy Candy              Dried Morel Mushrooms      
 Assorted Candy Sticks  Spree Chewy Candy  Morel Mushrooms                                                   
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Gift Tin Specials

  Red Gift Tin   Mixed Nuts in Red Gift Tin  Milk Chocolate Lindor Truffles in Red Gift Tin  Chocolate Berry Mix in Red Gift Tin  

 Red TIN Gifts:      Mixed Nuts  Lindor Truffles  Chocolate Berry
      Fruit Gift Tin         Chocolate Cranberry Mix in a Gruit Gift Tin          Deluxe Mixed Fruit in Bunny Gift Tin  
      Fruit TIN Gifts:    Chocolate Berry Mix         California Mix
   Golden Glow Gift Tin               Festive Lindor Truffles in Golden Glow Gift Tin           Chocolate and Yogurt Medley in Golden Glow Gift Tin  
 Golden Glow TIN Gifts:  Lindor Truffles  Chocolate Yogurt Medley