Bulk Seeds & Beans, Sprouting

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Sprouting Jar Method for Growing Sprouts

Soak 8 hours then rinse, twice a day rinse and drain for ___ days.
Eat the whole sprout. In salads, soups, baking or plain.

           Alfalfa Seeds  3-5 days           Almonds 1 day maximum                Chick Pea / Garbanzo 
           alfalfa sprouts are the most                                                             2 days maximum
           common sprouting seed. 
Almonds and Garbanzo's may not sprout all the time. Use anyway without the sprout.

Sprouting mung beans make the most common sprouts, mung bean sprouts.

Mung Beans 2-3 days                     Green Lentils 2-3 days                   Green Whole Peas 2-3 days  
       Yellow Whole Peas 2-3 days            Hard Wheat 2 days                Soft Wheat 2 days      


Sesame & Sunflower soak for only 2 hours, sprout 24 hours maximum.

  Natural Sesame                              Black Sesame                                   Sunflower
 Hard Wheat Kernels     
              Hard Wheat 3 days                        Buckwheat Grouts
                                                                1 cup in quart jar , soak
                                                                15 minutes and drain 

 Flavorful Sprouting Seeds

Soak for 10 minutes then rinse and drain repeat 6 times for 1 hour, 
Every 12 hours rinse and drain about 1 day until sprout is length of seed )

 Add small amount to other sprouting seeds for more flavor. Or use sprouts sparingly in dishes.

Anise Seed     Caraway Seed          Dill Seed
     Anise Seed 2 days                   Caraway 2 days                                  Dill  2 days
Fennel Seed      Fenugreek Seed           Yellow Mustard Seed

     Fennel 2 days                             Fenugreek Seed 2-5 days                     Mustard Seed 2-4 days

 Plate Sprouting Seeds

 To sprout place one layer on bottom of plate. 


Mist 3 times a day for 24 hours maximum. Eat the whole sprout.

 Brown Flax Seed     Golden Flax Seed      Quinoa Seed

     Brown Flax Seeds                      Golden Flax Seeds                              Quinoa 

Becomes bitter with longer sprout times.

 Tray Sprouting Seeds

For grass or strait upright sprouts.
With the tray method the seed is not eaten.


Fill tray 1 inch deep with perlite (Do not eat). Sprinkle seed upon the perlite. 
Spray 3 times a day with water. Grow for ___ Days. Cut sprouts for salads, etc.

     Buckwheat 5 days                            Coriander 5 days -                            In Shell Sunflower  7-8 days -
                                                               Makes fresh cilantro.                         Needs lots of water.
     Hard Wheat Berries 7 days            Soft Wheat Berries 7 days

Seed Sprouting Tips

Germination declines with time.  
When seeds no longer sprout they can still be prepared in other ways.

The longer sprouts grow the more flavor they have. 
Sprouts grow bitter as green chlorophyll develops.

Add to salads, decorate dinner plates, garnish buffet bars, and use in soups.

Alfalfa seeds make the most delicious sprouts. A few seeds go a long way.

Mung Bean Sprouts are typically found in Chow Mein Chinese Foods.

Growing is like a work of art, it doesn't always result in perfection.